Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Best ways to increase your pc performance

How to increase your PC performance:-

We all like how our PC runs when it is brand new and want it to run like that forever but as the time passes our PC starts to show sluggishness, lag, blue screens and becomes slow but it's easy to get that "lost" performance back.
Here are some tips that can make your PC runs like a brand new PC:-

1. Clearing junk files and fixing registry files:-

we all love to browse the internet but every time we browse it, it creates temporary files that occupy space on your HDD and makes your system longer to boot.
Similarly, when you uninstall any app from your PC, it leaves behind junk and traces in registry files that can lead to some serious performance issues and even well known "blue screens of death."
There are lots of applications to remove junk files and fixing registry files, but I recommend to go with CCleaner.
Another good alternative is "Advance system care" but it's excellent if you have both of them.

2. Defragmenting your hard drives:-

Defragmenting your hard disk improves load time significantly. It's recommended to run this utility once in a week. You don't need any third party application because windows default disk defragmenter works great.
To run this utility, click on start > accessories > system tools > disk defragmenter.
This utility repairs bad sectors in your HDD hence make it loads data faster.

3. Scan your computer for viruses:-

Viruses, malware, can cause major performance issues if present on a system. They are the memory hog and can make your PC sluggish and also cause infamous "Blue screens".
It is recommended to switch to a good antivirus software.
Though there are too many good options, I recommend "Malwarebytes" because it has good detection rate.

4. Disabling power saving features:-

The window usually saves power by parking additional cores and even by reducing clock and just put the system in the ideal state. As a result, when you do any CPU intensive work you'll notice hiccups, lags.
Power saving features pre-activated in laptops, to disable it follow these simple steps:-

(a) Click on the control panel and click on power option.

(b) Select "Balanced" plan for laptop and "High performance" plan for the desktop.

5. Disabling background services and startup items:-

This step is helpful to those users who have lower RAM (4gb or less) on their system.
Same goes for startup items as disabling them increase Windows boot time significantly. Follow these steps to do this:-

(a) Hit Windows key+R key on the desktop to access "Run" window or just click on the run button from the start menu.

(b) On run window type msconfig and hit enter and you'll see a window like shown above.

(c) Highlight "services" tab and also put a check on "Hide Microsoft services" so you won't mess with critical system services.

(d) After hiding Microsoft services, put a check on unnecessary services and click on "Disable all".

(e) Now go to "Startup" tab and check all item then click on "Disable all."

(f) Now click on "ok" and then restart your computer.

NOTE: - only use step no.5 if you are an experienced user or know what are you doing else you may go with third party software like "Game Booster."

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