Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Easiest and 100% working method to remove shortcut virus

Shortcut virus is one of the most annoying things you will ever face on your computer as sometimes it requires a lot of patience.

What is a shortcut virus?

It is corruption in registry files caused by some infected files.
This virus makes shortcut inside all of your folders, makes data inaccessible on your flash drive and even make them corrupt.
It creates a shortcut within a folder with name, like if you have folder called "My music" so it will
create a shortcut "My music" inside the same folder and same happens for all folders.

It has different types as sometimes it creates shortcut with .lnk extension and sometimes even a .exe

Is it dangerous?

Well, it is not going to risk security but surely the performance, but what make it more dangerous is that it can make your files inaccessible and sometimes corrupt as well.

How to remove it?

Most of the antiviruses don't even recognize this virus. So, here are the easiest steps to resolve this issue.
You only need these two antiviruses to get rid of this virus, no need to delete registry files manually as these two do the job for you.

1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:-

(a) Download Mbam latest version.

(b) After installing connect all infected drives (flash drives) to your PC and do a complete scan of
      your system.

2. UsbFix:-

(a) Download USB fix and install.

(b) Make sure that before start scanning, you have all infected drives (pen drives, external HDD) connected to PC.

(c) Hit on the clean button. Now you're almost done.

3. Now go to my computer and search for the shortcuts, you can find them by typing .lnk in the search box. (Note: - All shortcuts will have the same size.)

4. Delete all shortcuts and done.


Never install two antiviruses at the same time as they may conflict with each other. So when installing USB fix either uninstall mbam or manually disable it.

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  1. It really works for me..thanks for sharing this.